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July 8th, 2011

The FOBs are here

     We have installed an electronic security system in our Clubhouse. Our old method of access to the Clubhouse was through the use of keys, all keyed alike and easily duplicated. Now after several incidents of vandalism, we are converting to a new electronic key fob (FOBs) . The FOBs are passive and do not require any batteries. This new system will give us better control over access to our facility, allow us to know whose FOB was used for entry and when, will automatically lock each door after each entry and we can replace lost FOBs without the need to change locks. The system will also allow us to unlock doors during HOA social events.

     Each door has a small black box with a red light attached to the door jamb. Touching your new FOB to the marked area on the box will release the electronic lock allowing you to open the door; once through the door it will automatically relock. When leaving the clubhouse, a sensor will automatically unlock the door so you may exit. This new system has back-up power to allow it to operate during limited power outages. In addition, we will still be able to manually secure the building during prolonged outages. Your old clubhouse key will still be required only if you wish to use the pedestrian gates at the front entrance.

FOBs will be issued to each Villa Owner as follows:
     A. One (1) FOB will be issued at no charge (just like the old keys).
     B. Up to two (2) additional FOBs can be purchased for $20 each (payable by check to VCPHOA).
     C. Lost or damaged FOBs may be replaced at a cost of $20 each.

      FOBs will only be issued to owners of record of a Villa, except that if a Villa is rented and a valid Lease Application is on file, the FOB will be released to the tenant if they are in possession of an ?original? clubhouse key; please advise your tenants. Part-time resident Owners can arrange to pick up their FOB when they return to the Villas by contacting Marty Singer at 941-426-3780 or by email to

   At this time the only way to enter the Clubhouse (including access to the rest rooms) will be by using your FOB. The entrance at the Billiard Room will be an exit only door and will not allow entry from the outside.

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