Board Functions:

The Board is responsible for managing the affairs of the Homeowners' Association.

The Current Board Members are listed in the table to the right. 

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Marty Singer

Vice Presidents

Bob Albee/Joe Davis

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Bob Albee


Joe Davis
Director at Large
Graham Graham

Director at Large

Dave Roberts


  • The Board of Directors of the Villas at Charleston Park Homeowners Association hold a position of confidence and trust that has been bestowed on them by the owners of the community when they were elected to the board.

  • Each board and committee member has been entrusted with the duty to operate the association in the best interest of the association and its members. This trust places a significant burden on each director to ensure that they act in a manner that advances the interests of the association, even if it is contrary to their personal interests.

  • Board members will strive to operate the community affairs in a manner that is free of issues, such as: destructive personal agendas, interpersonal disputes, petty squabbles, time-consuming debates or speeches that prolong meetings, malicious or self-serving abuses of authority, etc.

  • When Board members exercise their authority in this manner, they are upholding their fiduciary duty to their association.



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3:00 PM on the
3rd Wednesday
of each month

MEETINGS: Regular Board meetings are intended to be held in, the Villas at Charleston Park Clubhouse, 6909 Grand Cypress Blvd. 

Wherever meetings are going to be held, as always, residents are welcome to attend each meeting.

An Agenda will be posted on the Clubhouse bulletin board at the pool entrance to the Clubhouse at least 48 hours prior to the date of the meeting, designating where and when the meeting will be held.